My New Computer! (not yet…)

I gave two of my undergraduate classes similar challenges as their first homework assignment: find their ideal computer and save that as a PDF and submit.

It wouldn’t exactly be fair of me to not do my own, which I will link here instead of posting as a PDF because it’s copyrighted material, and there’s a vast difference between a submission for class and something posted publicly.

would have selected a new Mac, probably a 13″ MacBook Pro (I love Retina) or maybe an iMac with a 5K Retina display, but something new was just announced (today!) that’s just really awesome: the Acer Revo. Each major system component (e.g., CPU/RAM, storage, wireless power, video out, and even a projector) are stored in separate modules that stack and thus interconnect. I have no idea if these are going to be massively useful, but I love the idea; LaCie had a similar stackable storage (HDD) drive system 20 years ago. Ars Technica has the story:

It’s not going to be released until October and it’s not even definite it’s coming to the US. An additional note: it uses the Skylake processor, which is Intel’s latest generation of CPUs, possibly but not definitely supplanting Broadwell.