Beware of Help

I’m a clever guy. Or so I like to tell myself. I know (from experience) that Amazon does not make their phone numbers for support & customer service readily available; you have to go through layer upon layer of “help” documentation, which I’m sure is useful to many of their customers, but my problem cannot be addressed except by a human being.  And perhaps not even then.

So I googled “kindle support” and grabbed the first number, which is:

Help & Support For Kindle –‎‎
Call Now(888) (381) (7309)TollFree. Experts. Toll Free. Call Us Now!

Now here’s the point of my idiocy; this is not Amazon. This is a third party, and they managed to come up in this search by buying Google Adwords. But I was not paying enough attention, and I called them. Well, to begin with, they were rude, which should have been a clear indication that they weren’t Amazon; I have never had Amazon be rude. Second, they didn’t understand my issue, telling me it was a network configuration issue on my Kindle, which it’s not; I’ve downloaded countless books. Third, they tried to charge me $199.95 to “fix” the “problem” that I didn’t have. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and long story short, they hung up on me.

I guess I knew that there were predatory companies out there charging money to support devices that they don’t really understand. What I didn’t know was that they make effort to appear to be the legitimate service/support line. Now, I’m not quite dumb enough to pay the money, but I’m sure others aren’t. I don’t use the word “predatory” lightly. Caveat emptor!

PS. I’m going to email Google Adwords and let them know they’re being used by predatory companies. I doubt anything will come of it, but at least I’ll have tried.

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