Finally, a Website

For someone who has been employed in technology since 1994, it took me a while to finally set up a website. My name is Joshua B. Gross, and I’m a Professor of Computer Science at Blackburn College. I’m not the Joshua B. Gross who is a professor of biology at the University of Cincinnati.

My interests are in software development/software engineering, artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML), human-computer interaction (HCI), computer games, and cognitive psychology/cognitive science. I have worked as a psychologist (not the kind you talk to about your problems, although you certainly can, and many people have), a software engineer, and a faculty member in computer science and game design departments. I have a PhD from Penn State in Information Sciences and Technology (an interdisciplinary program where I studied AI, HCI, and computational cognitive psychology), an MS from the University of St. Thomas (the one in St. Paul, MN, not the Virgin Islands) in Software Engineering, and a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in English and History. I have lived in 11 different states and more cities/localities than that. I have never lived outside of the US, but I hope to have the chance someday.

I can be contacted by email at  gross dot joshua dot b at gmail.

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